Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Could We Start Again Please?

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Time: 5:50 a.m.
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Short Course Meters
34 days to Olympic Trials

4x(3x50 on 1:00)
Round 1: 25 fly/25 back
Round 2: 25 back/25 breast
Round 3: 25 breast/25 free

16x100 on 2:00, four each stroke, descending
fly: 1:17
back: 1:12
breast: 1:17
free: 1:05

400 kick choice easy

4x200 on 3:30
100 back/100 breast descend (#4: 2:29)

100 easy (with stretching)

Total: 3,500 meters (75 minutes)

I did not want to swim today. I did not sleep well last night, because my partner, Geoff Glaser, got food poisoning. It's not easy to sleep with the sounds of retching coming from the bathroom. I think I got a total of five hours sleep.

Before I left I considered going back to bed, because I was moving so slow and a little out of sorts. But I figured I wouldn't get any more sleep with Geoff still sick, so I went to the pool. I was so lethargic in the water today. I felt heavy, and it wasn't easy to get my body to put forth much effort. I did the best I could, but I wouldn't rank today in my top 100 workouts of the year -- and I think I've only done about 100 in 2012!

Later on, I started getting muscle cramps in my stomach, and instantly I remembered that I got so busy at work that I forgot to eat breakfast! All I had consumed today was my P2Life Nutriboost shake. No matter how busy my day gets, I rarely forget to eat!

This day hasn't been all negative, but dealing with a sick person in the middle of the night, suffering through workout that included a 100-meter butterfly and subconsciously skipping breakfast outweighs all the positives. If I could start the day over ... well, maybe we should rewind to last night and not go to the Asian restaurant, where I'm certain Geoff ate a bad batch of sushi.

In any case, the key to getting through a tough workout is to concentrate on technique, because if things aren't feeling good, the tendency is to forgo technique. Not a good thing to do!

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