Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)

Date: April 17, 2012
Time: 5:45 a.m.
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Long Course Meters
69 days to Olympic Trials

300 warmup

12x50 on 1:00
odd: 25 stroke drill/25 free
even: 25 stroke swim/25 free

4x(3x100 on 1:40)
1. back (avg. 1:26)
2. IM (avg. 1:24)
3. free (avg. 1:21)

4x50 breast on 1:15
25 double pullout/25 head up

3x200 back on 4:00, descend 1-3
2:53, 2:43, 2:38

100 easy

8x50 on 1:15
odd: 15 fast from dive
even: 25 fast from dive (13.8, 13.5, 13.2, 13.5)

100 easy

Total: 3,500 meters (80 minutes)

I don't care if I sound like a broken record. The water was too warm today.

Instead of swimming the 12x100 "all strong," my goal in that set was to keep my heart rate down. I didn't really achieve that (168 after No. 12), but it could have been worse. I wanted to push the last 200 back to a strong effort, but it was also impossible. I tried to negative split the last 200, which means my first 100 meters would have been slower than my second 100 meters. That was not the case, even though it felt like I was expending more energy on the second half. I split 1:17 at the 100, and went 1:21 on the second 100. That was not lactate building up or extreme tiredness. My muscles simply wore out. If the water were two degrees cooler, I might be writing about my sub-2:30 200 back today.

I was happy with my dive 25s today. I had hoped to get a 13.0 or better, but my main focus was not on sprinting, but keeping my legs together on the entry. That, as you may remember, was a major problem in my 100 breast at sectionals last month. It's going to take a lot more work to get it right but I think it will all come together. On Sunday, I was working on being explosive off the blocks despite lactate buildup. Today, the focus was on technique. Once I put it all together, I should have a really good first 25.

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