Tuesday, April 10, 2012

If You Don't Know Me By Now

Date: Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Time: 5:50 a.m.
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Long Course Meters
76 days to Olympic Trials

16x50 on 1:000 reverse IM order
Odd: 25 kick/25 swim
Even: 25 drill/25 swim

8x100 on 1:45
1-5: 50 back/50 breast (1:27)
2:00 break
6-8: 50 breast/50 free (1:22)

100 easy

6x50 on 1:15
1-4: 25 fast IM order/25 easy
5: 50 back fast from push (30.6)
6: 50 breast fast from push (34.1)

Two rounds:
1x100 easy on 2:00
4x50 on 1:00
Round 1 IM with fly from dive (30.2, 34.4, 37.2, 32.3=2:14.1)
round 2 free, diving No. 1 (29.9, 30.9, 30.9, 30.5=2:02.2)

300 easy

Total: 2,900 meters (75 minutes)

They are still putting tarps over the pool at night at Phoenix Swim Club, even though it's 65 degrees at night. I can't imagine the pool will get that cold if they leave the water exposed to the air. This morning, the water felt like it was pushing 82 degrees, and I found my heart rate to be too high on the second set, especially given the pace I was holding and the effort I was putting forth.

The workout as written called for a 400 stroke or IM, but I knew that was not happening, even though Mark Rankin suggested a 400 breaststroke for me. I'm surprised he thought I was going to do a 400 breast 11 weeks out from Trials. Doesn't he know the type of swimmer I am???!!?? Sometimes I feel guilty about not doing the workout he writes on the board, but today I had to make this exception, if I were to be able to exit the pool on my own power this morning.

For a few fleeting seconds, I thought it might be a good thing to do the 400 to keep a check on my breaststroke endurance, but not when the water was so warm. Instead, I chose to do the 6x50 on 1:15, and was happy to do it. I did bargain with Mark that I would do the last two 50s all fast, though my initial plan was to do 25 fast/25 easy for all six. I was happy with my push 50s on 1:15, especially since I was hurting for pretty much the entire 50 breast.

The broken 200 IM could have been better. I should be able to go faster than 2:14, but I didn't pace my backstroke correctly, and I had nothing on freestyle. I thought about doing backstroke on the second round, but I wanted to test my freestyle, and was glad I did. My lane mate, Gordon Beh, decided to swim next to me on the second round, and it helped push me on the last two 50s. As usual, though, Gordon is a "Sammy Save-Up," and he blasted a 28 on the last 50 after holding three 50s in the 30-point range.

My left shoulder felt better this morning, though still a little stiff on butterfly. Well, every part of me hurts on butterfly, so I didn't feel the pain too concentrated on one part of my body. I should have put some ice on my shoulder after swimming, but the facility had no ice bags, and I forgot to bring the bag I had laid out on my counter last night for such a thing.


  1. I figured you would do the 50's. I know your coach Mark Rankin and his twin Matt. They were outstanding swimmers from Portland, Oregon. Tell Mark Tim Waud from Oregon City says Hello. Keep up the hard work, I enjoy the blog and share it with my swimmers.