Friday, December 2, 2011

Teacher, Teacher

Date: December 2, 2011
Time: 4:15 p.m.
Location: Atlanta, GA
Long Course Meters
206 days to Olympic Trials

300 warmup

6x100 :20 rest
25 scull/25 dolphin kick on back/25 breast with double pullouts/25 free breathe every 3

8x50 on 1:05
odd: 25 fly/25 back
even: 25 breast/25 free

4x150 :30 rest
50 breast kick drill/50 free/50 breast distance per stroke

4x15 breakouts on 1:00

Three rounds:
50 breast underwater swim on 1:15
50 breast fast on :45
3x50 easy on 1:30
(Times on fast 50s: 34.3, 34.7, 34.8)

200 warmdown

Total: 3,100 meters

Today's workout was approved by Coley Stickels, who is here with several members of the Phoenix Swim Club, including Michael Nelson, who is newly qualified for Olympic Trials in the 100 breast! He went 1:04.22 in prelims today, which means he is now seeded faster than me for Trials. I have no plans to shave and taper for a long course meet before Trials, so he'll be in a later heat in Omaha than I will. I know Coley will like that. He wants to be able to watch both of us equally in the race.

The point of the main set was to work on my endurance in the final 50 of the race. I was still a little out of breath from the underwater swimming when I pushed off for the fast 50, so I did feel the fatigue in the final 15 meters. Not only was I under 35 seconds on all three of them (which doesn't usually happen) but I took 21 strokes on all the fast swims! I'm usually 24 strokes! I have no idea what that was all about. Could it be I am stronger? Maybe.

After the main set, I noticed the great breaststroke coach Joszef Nagy strolling the deck. Joszef coached Mike Barrowman to numerous world records and Olympic gold in the 200 breast in 1992. He also helped Roque Santos make the Olympic team in 1992 and currently is world record holder Annamay Pierse's coach. I asked him to look at my stroke for 25 meters, and he obliged. Watching with him was Coach Tako, who was timing me on the main set. After the swim, Joszef said my upper body was very good, but my kick needed fixing. He said I shouldn't kick at a downward angle on the finish, but kick straight back and up a little bit. I tried to maintain my composure as he talked, because it was Tako who suggested that I kick downward! Joszef said kicking straight back will put my body at a better angle, which I agree with completely. I worked on it a little in warmdown and will refine it more tomorrow.

All in all, today's main set was surprisingly good. I wasn't feeling strong in my legs, mostly because I've been standing a lot for work. And it was even better that I got to swim in the pool that hosted the 1996 Olympics!

Now it's time to go to work! But first, some food...

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