Saturday, December 3, 2011

You and Me

Date: Saturday, December 3, 2011
Time: 1:45 p.m.
Location: Atlanta, GA
Short Course Yards
205 days to Olympic Trials

300 warmup

Four rounds (with 20 seconds rest at end of round):
200 IM (25 kick/25 drill) / 100 free (25 left arm/25 right arm/50 breathe every 3) / 50 breast kick drill

8x100 free on 1:30
Odd lengths, breathe left; even lengths, breathe right

4x15 breast breakouts on :45

10x50 :20 rest
25 back/25 free easy

4x15 back breakouts on :45

100 warmdown

Total: 3,300 yards (75 minutes)

I wanted to work on backstroke starts today, but the slower heats of the distance events were starting soon after my workout began, and I did not get the opportunity. I never get the chance to work on backstroke starts, because the gutters at the pool I swim at normally have stainless steel edges, which make backstroke starts impossible. We have to haul out a touchpad if we want to work on backstroke starts, and that is often too much of a pain to deal with. I feel confident my backstroke start will be decent next weekend, but it will need to be excellent. I learned that Noriko Inada, a three-time Japanese Olympian who placed fourth last night at the USA Swimming nationals in the 100 back, is also swimming in the Masters meet in Phoenix next weekend. It will be the first time I will get to race Noriko, and it will be fun. I'm not sure I can stay with her in short course, since she is so phenomenal underwater, and I -- well, let's say I'm not.

Today the goal was to swim easy, with a few short bursts to remind my body what it's preparing to do next weekend. The breakouts felt good, but not strong. My legs are feeling quite heavy, and I'm sure being on my feet, working 12-hour days and not getting much sleep in my crummy hotel room is causing that, and I am not worried about my taper. When I get back, I will have plenty of time to get my legs rested. My upper body is starting to come around, and that is an amazing feeling.

I got to do the set of 8x100 free with Mike Unger, the assistant executive director of USA Swimming and Masters world record holder. We both needed the company. We agreed that we would not have finished the set if we had done it separately. While not an extremely boring set, it was one where you have time to try to talk yourself out of it, if you choose. I'm glad I didn't. Thanks, Mike!

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