Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's All Coming Back to Me Now

Date: June 6, 2012
Time: 5:50 a.m.
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Long Course Meters
19 days to Olympic Trials

1200 warmup

Three rounds:
100 @ 400 pace/50 easy on 3:30
50 @ 200 pace/100 easy on 3:30
25 fast/125 easy on 3:30
Rounds 1 and 3: free (1:10, :31, 11.9)
Round 2: back (1:15, :33, 13.1)

150 easy

4x50 free on :45 (averaged :35)

100 easy

Total: 3,000 meters (75 minutes)

I didn't feel like doing breaststroke today. After yesterday's workout, I figured I deserved a day off from breaststroke. Remember that I am also training for the U.S. Masters nationals the week after I swim the 100 breast at Trials. I'm excited to be able to swim fast more than once in that pool, especially the 100 free! I don't know who I will be racing in that event in Omaha, but I did see the roster of swimmers signed up in the 35-39 age group, and I don't think I can beat Matt Eisenhuth, Brian Jacobson and Scott Greenwood in a 100 freestyle! As such, I need to do some sprint freestyle work to make sure I can compete with them.

I was starting to feel the snap in my stroke come back to me today. It's still feeling a little forced, but not as forced as it was on Sunday, or even yesterday!

This is my second-to-last week of dryland training, and as such, the workload in my sessions with JR Rosania are getting lighter -- but not necessarily easier! Instead of working on power and endurance, the emphasis is on speed and getting the fast-twitch muscles engaged. I will need those, not only to get me going in the first half of my 100 races, but when I do the 50s at Masters nationals.

Here's a video of me doing some ball throwdowns. The ball weighs 15 pounds, about five pounds heavier than I usually use:

And a look at me doing push-ups with hand claps. I've been progressing to doing claps on every repetition, but this is the first day of doing them:

I think I'm going to start feeling the snap in my strokes very soon, especially when I stop doing dryland exercises on June 15. I'll just do some light weightlifting that day, just as maintenance.

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