Saturday, February 18, 2012

Date: Saturday, February 18, 2012
Time: 12:30 p.m.
Location: Manassas, VA
Short Course Yards
128 days to Olympic Trials

400 warmup

4x(2x100 IM, :15 rest)
Round 1: 1 breath free/breast scull/back drill/fly kick
Round 2: free kick/1 breath breast/back scull/fly drill
Round 3: free drill/breast kick/underwater dolphin kick on back/fly scull
Round 4: free scull/breast drill/back kick/fly 1 breath

Four rounds, one each stroke:
2x(15 yds fast on :30/25 fast on :40/10 fast on :30)
2x50 aerobic choice strokeon 1:00

100 easy

Four rounds:
25 underwater kick or swim from a dive, straight into 12.5 fast swim
10-15 seconds rest
12.5 fast
20 seconds rest
25 underwater kick or swim
10 seconds rest
25 fast swim
100 easy
Rounds 1 and 3 breast, round 2 back, round 4 free

 200 easy

Total: 3,100 yards (90 minutes)

Today's lactate set was a variation of what I did last Sunday, without using any equipment, which might have made it a little bit easier, but not easy! It's very difficult to kick or swim underwater on the third 25, when you're already struggling to catch your breath, and definitely not easy to swim a fast 25 after that! This will be very good for race endurance. I hope to be able to do a set like this long course before sectionals, though it's not very necessary.

The important thing about this workout was to do a good warmup -- at least 1,500 yards, and about a tenth of that needs to be short and fast. You can't go into the main set without limbering up your muscles.

I was happy with the set today. I don't think the goal is to do any of the underwater kicks/swims on a certain time, or do the fast 25 on a certain time. I didn't have a reliable pace clock at the pool today, so I couldn't have timed myself anyway. But the goal was to just swim hard under such intensity. And I think I did that well.

OK, time for a nap!

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