Thursday, September 8, 2011

Start me up!

Date: Thursday, Sept. 8, 2011
Time: 6:30 a.m.
Short Course Yards
291 days to Trials

400 warmup

2x75, five seconds rest
25 left arm/25 right arm/25 swim

2x200 free on 2:45 (held 2:25)

Four rounds:
8x25 on :30
4x50 on :50
2x100 on 1:20
Round 1 free (built the effort through the round, and swam :58 on the 100s)
Round 2 IM order (built the effort through the round, and swam 1:04 100 IMs)
Round 3 free (same as Round 1)
Round 4 kick (Legs very sore, so I didn't kick too hard on this round. Went about 1:40 for 100 breast kick)

150 easy

Total: 3500 yards

As a reminder, I am at the American Swimming Coaches Association's clinic in San Diego this week, and I was ecstatic that San Diego Masters conducts their workouts at the Mission Valley pool, which is less than five minutes (driving) away from the convention! I swam in the fastest lane, and apparently there was a rule that the new guy leads the lane. So, I went first and pushed my swims a little faster than I really wanted., but I felt good for having swum so fast today. Well, my 100 IMs were not very fast, but the interval didn't allow for much rest, so I was happy that held the same time on the second repeat.

When you visit a new team for the first time, do you ever feel like you have to show off in front of everyone? I usually do, but because my body was a little tired from driving five hours yesterday, followed by about six hours of work at the convention, I was desirous for an easy workout. Maybe tomorrow... 

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