Monday, August 29, 2011

Decisions, decisions

I took a half day at work today, and when I woke up this morning, I decided to go to the gym after work for one my two weight workouts this week. About 15 minutes before I was to leave work, I figured I would be much happier if I went straight home and took a lengthy nap before my piano class (more on that later).

I forced myself to take a left turn instead of a right turn when I drove away from the office, and I found myself at the gym. The good thing was that at 12:45, the gym was half the capacity of the crowd at 5 p.m. I was able to breeze through my workout with more ease today than normal, which allowed me to finish everything in 45 minutes.

Five minutes shoulders warm up (with 5 lb. weights)

Sitting bench press: 15@110, 12@135, 10@155

Horizonatal legg press: 15@150, 12@170, 10@210

Sitting row: 15@90, 12@120, 10@150

Adductors: 15@140, 12@160, 10@180

Chest press: 15@80, 12@95, 10@110

Ten minutes abdominals and stretching

I'm glad I went to the gym. I felt very good, and not as lethargic as I felt yesterday in the pool. I was considering doing 10 reps on the bench press at 160 lbs., but I decided to stay at 155 at the last minute.

As I write this I am rewarding myself with a strawberry protein smoothie and a tuna salad sandwich. No time for a nap. Next up: a shower and a viewing of last night's episode of "Breaking Bad" before heading to piano class.

Oh, yeah. About that piano class. I'm taking a class at South Mountain Community College to learn how to read music and play piano. Mostly, I want to learn to read music, and being proficient at the piano will be a nice bonus. The class meets twice a week for 75 minutes, and I'm the oldest in the class by at least a decade. Maybe 15 years. I think the other nine students are full-time students. I felt out of place in the first class, but I got over that quickly. Right now, we've just learned about whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, etc., and I imagine today we're going to learn how to play those types of notes on the piano. I'm excited to learn!

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